Quickstart with the blukii Hub

This short guide will show you how to get your blukii Hub up and how to get the data from a Sensor Beacon (or a Smart Beacon, if you enable the Eddystone TLM frame)

1. Connect blukii Hub to power supply

Attention: Before the startup (exception: not when power supply cable is attached for the first time) or shutdown of the blukii Hub it is important to press the little button on the side of the hub.

2. Determine the IP address / host name of the blukii Hub

The blukii Hub is assigned an IP address that is needed to retrieve data. The IP address can be determined as follows:

3. Place blukii Sensor Beacon near the blukii Hub

4. Show blukii Sensor Beacon

You can execute the following commands with a standard browser of your choice.


Instead of <hostname> enter the IP address / hostname of your blukii Hub. As output you will get a list of all blukiis that send data to the blukii Hub.

Output example:

        "address": "12ACA0B72EFF",
        "battery": 100

5. Choose blukii Sensor Beacon


Instead of <hostname> enter the IP address / hostname of your blukii Hub and instead of <blukii_address> the address of the blukii Sensor Beacon determined in step 4.

Output example

last_entries	       1000
blukii	               "2471894DAECA"
firstValue	       1519378905.967
lastValue	       1519893372.801
rssi_default	       […]
unknown_default	       […]
magnet_default	       […]
acceleration_default   […]
environment_default    […]

Depending on the hardware variant and configuration of your blukii Sensor Beacon you will receive readings of your blukii Sensor Beacon Output.

You have successfully completed the initial commissioning. A more detailed explanation and description of all functions can be found here: API Documentation

The configuration file of the blukii Hub with a detailed explanation for the different parameters can be found here: blukii Hub Configuration File