blukii Admin Panel

With the blukii Admin Panel you can manage your Hubs.

System Requierements

Windows 7 64 Bit or newer and a Internet Connection.

Communication Schema


The blukii Hub and blukii Admin Panel communicate via the cloud. The configuration is not saved in the cloud, it is only saved on the blukii Hub.

The collected data will not be send to the blukii cloud. The Push Server can be in your local network or in your own Cloud.


On first startup you will be requested to login. You have to enter your user name and your one time password.

Hubs List View

In the Hub View you will see all Hubs that are assigned to your user.

All Hubs


A click on the magnifing glass opens the detail View of the selected Hub.

In the searchbar you can filter the Hub list. You can filter for the fields Identity, Assigned To and Version.

The View will only refresh with a click on the reload button.

Hub Detail View

In the Hub Detail View are two Tabs: Push-Config and Client-Ids


In this view you can manage the Push Configurations of the Hub.

Push Config Preview

On load the Push Configurations will be loaded from the Hub automatically. With the reload Button you can manually load the Push configurations. If something goes wrong check the internet connection of the hub.

With a click on create you can add a new Push Configuration. On hover one Push Configuration you can edit or delete the selected Push configuration. You can use more than one Push configuration in parallel. Details for Push configuration


In this view all Client-ID are listed. Client-IDs are one time passwords. You can use the ID to login into certain apps which communicate with the Hub.

Client IDs View


With Generate Client-ID you can add additional Client-IDs to the hub. On hover a Client-ID you can remove the Client-ID with a click on the trash bin symbol. By Default there are two unused Client IDs.

Push Configuration

In the Create Push-Config View of the Hub you set all the requiered settings.

Create Push Config Example


A readable Name for your Config.


Remote server to which the data of the blukii Hub should be sent. By default, this value is empty.


The Http method which is used to push the data to the remote server.

Valid values are:

Default Value is:


Sets the push trigger.

Valid values are:

Default value is:

Interval(ms) or Amount

The amount of frames, that will be collected before sending it to the server. In this example, the push server is called after one Frame. This Value is only valid, if the Push-Type is set to amount.

The interval in milliseconds. This value is only valid, if the Push-Type is set to interval.

Filter Types

Specify which type of data (Frames) will be pushed to the remote server.

Selectable Values are:


The method of authentication for the remote Server

Valid values are:

Default value is:


Enables or disables the current Configuration.


With a click on save, the configuration will be written to the blukii Hub. If the configuartion is enabled, then the hub will start to send data immediately.